About the Website

Welcome to the Nano Professional!

This blog meant to be a collection of resources and knowledge that I have gathered through my education, work in the analysis of the micro and nanotechnology industry within the United States, networking, and entrepreneurial efforts.

I hope you find the information and resources I post to be useful.

About the Author

My name is Duncan and I am a graduate from a 4-year NanoEngineering bachelor’s program and have earned my Master’s in Nanoscience and Microsystems, another nanotechnology-focused program.  Primarily, my graduate work focused on the creation and analysis of semiconductor devices. Along the way, I also worked to develop new sensors and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technologies.  Outside of academics, I held a position analyzing the microsystems and nanotechnology industries and working with nanotechnology educators and small tech enthusiasts from both industry and academia to promote emerging advanced materials and nanotechnology companies and workforce development.  My knowledge on the emerging nanotechnology industries came from my detailed assessment and review the work of over 2000 companies within them.

The subjects I post about are those from which I have experience in; nanotechnology education, assessment of the adoption of of the micro and nanotechnologies by industry, and how to find a job.

Some of my previous work is posted on nanoHUB.org here.

I am also an avid photographer, with galleries posted galleries posted here.

A little more about myself may be found on my website here

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