What exactly is nanotechnology, and how does one explain it to others from more traditional backgrounds? I get that question often, especially from students hesitant to reach out to employers on this subject. Earlier I wrote about doing so.  This reblogged post contain my advice on how to communicate ones knowledge on anything nano.

The Nano Professional

I remember at a job fair once overhearing a group of my fellow classmates in our undergraduate NanoEngineering program expressing their frustration over not being able to describe their budding careers in nanotechnology to recruiters. How do we micro and nanotechnologists explain our work in a way that the rest of the world can understand?  Finding a way to do so in a concise, but detailed, manner is a challenge.

In the previous example, the most readily available piece of career fair, and networking, advice at my alma mater was to have a prepared “30 second commercial” to recite – like an entrepreneur’s elevator pitch.   Brevity and depth during this exercise may seem at odds and one classmate felt compelled make “tradeoffs” between each.

The question of how to explain micro and nanotechnology to the layperson and keep it short and sweet has come my direction before. My answers are…

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